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Performance-enhancing tea formulated by athletes, for athletes —
to help you go [do] anything!

What’s your morning cup done for you lately?

Each of our teas is uniquely formulated to work with your body at each point in your day to achieve a specific purpose:


We’re ushering in a new era of performance-enhancing tea for athletes to feel and be your best each day.

It’s time for a tea that works just as hard as you do.

Boulder blended, bolder blends.

We source top-quality teas and blend them ourselves for unique flavor profiles and optimized performance benefits. The scientific benefits of certain teas, herbs, and roots are pretty clear–so we figured it was about time that someone created a synergistic blend of the most effective types for each specific purpose: focusing, energizing, recovering, and sleeping.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, all of our teas are inspired by our active lifestyles and passion for nature. Give us a try before your next run, walk, bike, or hike!

Designed to work with your body–whatever your lifestyle

Whether you’re a serious athlete, adrenaline junkie, weekend warrior, or just love long walks on the beach, our tea is formulated to help your body work the way it was meant to.

Boosting your energy when you’re moving, encouraging muscle recovery when you’re tired, supporting your natural sleep patterns at bedtime, and helping you wake up and get going again the next day to do it all again–we’re here to help you feel good all day long.

Who are we?

The team behind Go Tea Company is made up of a few tea-obsessed endurance athletes (some professional, some amateur) who wanted to improve their performance not just in sport, but throughout the rest of day-to-day life too.

Whether it’s the 800m olympic trials, riding bikes up mountains, a weekend hike, or just a long day at the office, we wanted to see our daily cups of tea work a little harder for us.

We’re ushering in a new era of performance-enhancing tea for athletes.

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